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Download "Vara Vara"

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Oudi Hrant is one of the exemplars of Armenian music in the United States. While he never made his home in this country, he traveled and toured extensively. During those visits Hrant often recorded, concertized, and conducted master classes with among others John Berberian, Richard Hagopian, and Harry Minassian. Hrant's repertoire included many songs of his own composition in both the Armenian and Turkish languages. Here is an early recording of "Sirdis Vra Kar Me Gah".

Download "Sirdis Vra"

Marko Melkon was a fine Cabaret oud player and singer. But he was also well known for his taksim playing. Those who know his playing are well acquainted with the mannerisms of his taksim. They are all apparent in this live performance from Boston's Club Zara. But while many of his mannerism are here, this is a unique and more explorational taksim than one generally associates with Melkon. Also, Melkon was noted for his superb picking technique.

Download a Taksim by Marko Melkon Alemsharian

Camp Ararat in Maynard Massachusetts was the site of weekly picnics throughout the summer during the 50s, 60s and early 70s. Though now defunct, Camp Ararat is a pleasant memory to anyone who ever attended a picnic there. This is a recording of a Halay performed on violin, oud, and dumbeg. The violinist, likely Harry Hasekian, is obviously the "leader" with the others following the sequence of the song. (Nothing has changed in all these years) The oud player is likely to be Louis Matalon (a Safardic Jew from Astoria, NY who was very popular in New England) with Charles Jerahian, Oil Man Charlie, on dumbeg. This is from a Marashtzi Picnic in 1949.

Download "Halay" at Camp Ararat